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What We Do

  • rDL is serious about quality

  All manufacturing is done here, in the U.S.A.

  RDL uses partial Alloy and Cad-Vest a C&B quality 

  investment in the manufacturing of all partials.

  Made here in America by CMP NOBILIUM an ISO company.  

  • 3D scan/design, Print and cast

   RDL uses a scan and design system powered by Dental Wings, 

  the leader in partial design software.

  RDL uses an Objet 30 Dental Prime printer by Stratasys.

  In our opinion the absolute best for dental printing applications. 

  • digital consulting

Save 30% on materials and labor on the first day.

Maximize DWOS software short cuts. 

Most print material friendly investments and metals.

Learn simple techniques to make digital frames fit.

Make digital affordable and profitable today!

Who offers the best service in the industry.

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Our Value

  • Innovative Approach

  • Deep Experience

  • Reliable Answers

  • Predictable results

  • Tailored Service

Send your .stl partial file for us to print and cast.

E-mail us your design by 2 p.m. and we will print, cast, divest, cut off

the sprues and UPS out the next day all sandblasted and ready for

your lab to final finish and polish.

Keep your relationships with you accounts, don't lose your personal

touch by sending out the finesse part of your business.

RDL does the grunt work. Print, Invest, Burn out, Cast, Divest,

Sandblast and rough finish. All for $55.00 plus S&H. An additional

15.00 we will design your model scan as well. So forget costly 

upkeep, labor and equipment repairs. Use all that extra square 

footage to expand your money making areas.

  • print and cast your designs