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Nobil Latch and DE Hinge Cases Designed, Printed and fabricated by Matt Tait. Technical Director  CMP NOBILIUM Albany N.Y.

7 Onlays in Occlusion, Crown #10 w/Distal ball and Mesial Rest

1) Adj. Path of insertion 2) Clear undercuts. 3) Apply finish lines, mesh and major connector. 4) Apply clasps and support bar 5) Go to print. Typically this takes 12-15 min. 

Frame received at 11:00 am. Prepped, Scanned, Designed, Printed, Cast, Welded and made the 7:00 pm. UPS that night. Ask me how...

Anterior Incisal Build up

ERA Housing

Nobil Latch and DE Hinge cases done with DWOS software and printed on Dental Prime.